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T he DynEd program was first marketed as a CD-ROM in 1987, has won over 40 major awards and is being used in over 70 countries in the world. The courseware will assist you in developing the confidence to speak English with ease.

The classroom side is completely interactive. You have learned the sentence structure and basic vocabulary on the computer, now let's put it to use in the classroom by creating conversation and writing activities. By personalizing what you have learned on the computer and adding new vocabulary, your proficiency level increases rapidly.

AEC is committed to providing you with the highest quality education. We strive to help people succeed in their chosen field by becoming effective English communicators.


DynEd International, Inc. was founded in 1987 by a team of language teachers, engineers, and artists. It produced and brought to market the world's first computer-assisted language teaching CD-ROM and received a patent for its innovative design.

Now, after more than 20 years of experience, DynEd has the world's most comprehensive lineup of award-winning computer-based English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) solutions.

DynEd courses are available from DynEd partners and licensed training organizations. Clients include private and public schools, universities, leading corporations, training organizations, and government agencies in more than 40 countries. Users now number in the millions.

DynEd courses have won an impressive list of over 40 awards and have been approved by Ministries of Education in several countries, including France, Turkey, and China. DynEd is committed to quality education - a fact reflected in its name, "DynEd," which stands for "Dynamic Education."

Award-Winning Software
• Internationally Recognized
• Over 45 national and international awards and honors, including:
• Technology and Learning: Award of Excellence, Multiple Winner
• EDDIE Awards: Best Software; Early Elementary ESL, Junior High School and High School
• Approved by Ministries of Education: China, Turkey, Malaysia and others • ASTD E-learning Institute: Certified


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Heng Mory

AEC Business English (BE) Program prepares students for the competitive market with stronger communication skills in English language as well as tactics in making good relationships with business people.

Heng Sonita

I find the learning experience with the courseware very enjoyable. I like The Lost Secret, English by the Numbers, and New Dynamic English the most. I now have better listening skills, and more confidence in speaking.

Em Sophanna

I think the DynEd program is new. This program improves both my speaking and listening. Moreover, it improves grammar and also writing. I think the New Dynamic English is a very good program for students who wish to improve in speaking and listening.

Sambath Vibolroth

Before I came to AEC, I was never confident in speaking English language. I am now more fluent in English communication skills, and I look forward to further improving my English proficiency in the Advanced Listening (AL) class next term.

Chea Vibol

"I am currently studying English at AEC to prepare myself for a language proficiency examination in my workplace next year. I enjoy learning here very much. I really like the teaching methodology which combines the classroom activities, lab sessions and home study. The lab sessions and especially home study using study software is superb. I see software a great instrument to help students in listening to native speakers and to practice speaking. After 7 weeks with AEC, I feel that I have made some improvement to my listening skills."



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Our goal is to help you become proficient in the English language. To achieve this goal, we will guide and assist you to master 4 major skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to assist in the social welfare of Cambodia, you must be able to communicate confidently and fluently in English.


You have taken the first step to learning English in a very innovative way: Blended Learning. Blended learning is combining technology with classroom teaching to create a winning learning experience. As foreign trade and tourism increase, communication in English is going to be more and more important.



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